Odoo ZKtTeco attendance integration

Odoo ZKtTeco attendance integration

Odoo ZKTeco Attendance machine integration Features

1-This addon Supports the integration with fingerprint machines of ZKTeco Biopro MV30..
2-This integration of Odoo attendance with ZKTeco attendance machine will help in managing your HR work more efficiently, from tracking the worked hours along with automated.
3-Dynamic creation of the employees into the ability to download the attendance data and check in/out of your employees in a few clicks with its multiple verification modes and access features.


Checkout below step-by-step guide:


-Select attendance machine >> machine configuration.



-Define the machine configuration.

machine name

-Add the real IP  address of the machine and the port number, then use the action of testing connection to make sure that the IP and port are working.

-Note: you can use another IP which redirect to an internal IP inside your network. This IP could be obtained by  Ngrok account, with the Odoo Ngrok integration.

port no

-Test the connection

-Specify the connection time out

test connection

-Auto Create the Employee: The application will create the employee on Odoo if the employee ID on the machine isn’t linked to any Employee card (Device ID)


-Download Attendance: This action is used to synchronize the attendance from the machine to the system.


-Clear Device Data: This action will delete the attendance records from the machine database.

-Add multiple integrated machines.