Odoo Reference Clients

    Agriculture Industry:

    Cedarman Sal

    Cedargreens is an agritech startup cofounded by passionate people to produce the finest quality and freshest vegetables.
    Their Challenge: finding an accounting and inventory solution affordable, yet having all the elements to grow with the business.
    How Azkatech, the official Odoo partner helped them: integrating the essentials modules for this phase along with the Lebanese accounting, yet the modular feature in Odoo will provide them with any future needs.
    Cedargreens is in process of setting High Technology Controlled Environmental Greenhouses in Kfarhay Batroun North of Lebanon to produce and distribute hyper-local, premium-quality, greenhouse-grown vegetables, and herbs.
    They were focusing on getting things right from the beginning. Hence they are aware that starting with the right management software will helps their business grow on international standards.
    Azkatech was there first to understand the agriculture business challenges, and helped them implement a business process on top of Odoo ERP solution. Most importantly to manage their financial operations from suppliers, customers, and invoicing following the Lebanese standards of accounting.
    Cedargreens are now able to have complete visibility on the operations, and reporting sections on their costs and profits.
    Odoo implementation and Azkatech customization was an affordable decision at this stage for Cedargreens, yet having a powerful and fully functional system to manage all their processes.

    Construction Industry:

    BMR Management

    BMR Management "Build – Maintain - Repair" is a facility, property, and project management company. They handle all the complicated and time-consuming tasks while you focus on what matters for your business
    The Challenges they faced: BMR had version 10 of Odoo. However, as the business grew, there was a need to keep the pace of growth in the technical platform to assist that business growth.
    BMR needed an advanced system to manage their customers, contracts, and facilities and provide good reporting for their clients.
    In addition, they needed to keep track of what to invoice and what is pending using an integrated accounting approach that is user-friendly and easy to use.
    Another challenge was the need for a mobile solution for their subcontractors that will allow them to manage their assigned activities, report work done on sites via multimedia, and check-in/out on-site...
    Azkatech, the Odoo Gold Partner, tackled BMR's challenges:
    Azkatech implemented BMR’s solution on top of Odoo using: Sales, Invoicing, Accounting, Website, Project, timesheet, Purchase, Inventory, and Expenses modules; to fulfill all of their needs.
    In addition, custom-developed modules were developed to implement the business-specific requirements for facility management operations, reporting and accounting.
    This allowed BMR to fully benefit from all Odoo built-in functionalities yet do their work the way they want not mandated by an off-the-shelf solution.

    Combined General

    Combined General for General Trading & Contracting W.L.L. With the vision of focusing on growth strategy, and aiming to expand their activities and services into more innovation fields of business. In line with Kuwait's construction industry's vision and has a positive impact on their people, customers, reputation, suppliers. They wanted significant contributions to the overall development of the country. Combined General is a market leader in the Kuwait construction industry, trading and business activities. Being a representative of international companies for products and services. Combined General is made up of more than 500 employees in 7 sectors with 30+ customers varying between ministries and clients. To become famous in the Kuwait construction industry.
    Their Challenges: Combined General needed to migrate from Odoo 11 to the new version of Odoo, Odoo13.0. Hence, Odoo scaffolding module was needed with few updates to get better scaffolding management.
    Azkatech the Odoo Gold partner helped: with the implementation of Odoo's new version, along with the customization of Odoo inventory management and other programs. In order to help get better and more efficient workflow and enhance its position within Kuwait construction industry and enhance its Odoo inventory management.


    Lamar Holding- known as"the partner of choice for high-potential opportunities in Saudi Arabia and GCC". Headquartered in Saudi Arabia with a regional footprint, the company develop, build and operate large-scale projects across Saudi Arabia's energy infrastructure network with a 15-year track record of
    success in addition to the medical, healthcare, catering, facility management, and services industries
    The Challenges Lamar had: Having more than 20 companies expanded across the international markets (UAE, Bahrain, KSA,) with more than 200 employees, Lamar Holding had a basic financial system that relied on manual work in order to keep their accounting in check and have the basic financial reports.
    Lamar needed a single integrated system that is compatible with the new Saudi regulations yet gives the management the right insight to make business decisions with the minimum overhead on the staff and operations.

    They trusted Azkatech, an Odoo gold partner to analyze their existing manual systems,
    provide a solution blueprint and implement it on top of Odoo.
    The Implemented Solution: Azkatech helped Lamar holding by implementing Odoo ERP in KSA as follows:

    •  Sales solution to manage quotations and customer contracts.
    • E-invoicing solution that is supporting the Bahrain, KSA, and UAE chart of accounts trial balance
      and cost center per project using the analytical accounting, Zakat & Tax Reports).
    • Inventory solution to manage its supply chain and procurement
    • HR suite that is compliant with the Saudi and Bahrain regulations. The HR solution manages the
      employees, leaves, attendance, and payroll.
    • Construction project management and Timesheet.
    • Catering management
    • Advanced costing solutions for services, catering, and construction

    Entertainment Industry:

    AddBloom SAL

    Addbloom is full service social media and digital marketing agency with offices in Lebanon, Dubai and North America. Addbloom has grew throughout the years to collect multi-national clients. 

    Their challenge: local accounting software with many limitations on the reporting, not user friendly and not accessible from outside the office.

    How Azkatech, the official Odoo partner helped them: provide their customization on the accounting module of Odoo and unlimited reporting that is basic in Odoo features and hosting the service on the cloud.

    Addbloom had a local accounting software but yet missing lots of features and functionalities. Odoo accounting module with Azkatech customization for the Lebanese chart of account and VAT declaration has provided Addbloom with the essential platform to move all their history accounting data to Odoo.

    Integrating two level companies to manage the S.A.L and Offshore registered companies from one single platform allowing to have consolidated financial reports, P&L and cash flow.

    On another hand, the cloud hosting made it easy for manager to access important information on the go and while abroad and makes timely and informed decisions.

    Bold Agency

    Ranked 22nd among the world's most successful agencies promoting good. Bold Agency is an integrated advertising and creative services agency, online, on-air, and in-print. Bold is located in Saudi Arabia with around 50 employees. They believe that the key to success isn't to do different things but to do things differently.
    Challenges: Having an existing software to manage their projects and a workaround for the CRM, Bold wanted to step into the digital transformation in KSA with the right technology. Bold decided to use Odoo for all operations and integrate the project module with Monday.com.
    Azkatech, the Odoo Gold partner KSA helped Bold Agency via implementing Odoo ERP in KSA to manage the following:
    CRM, Sales and Purchase system to handle the leads, purchase tenders and the sales cycle, fully integrated with the Accounting module.
    A documents management system (DMS) fully integrated with the CRM, accounting and all modules. In addition, Azkatech customized the module to have a bidirectional link between the CRM, emails attachments from one side, and document module from another side. The DMS was fine-tuned further to structure the CRM workspace via customers and opportunities.
    An expenses module that will allow to submit and justify expenses in a simple way and automatically link them to the projects at hand. Thus, allowing top management to easily calculate the cost of projects. The same help managers review expenses and keeps project costs under control.
    An HR suite made up of Payroll, Attendance & Leaves mapped to the Saudi Standards.
    A customized project management solution fully integrated with Monday.com. The creative team still works on Monday.com thus nothing changes in the workflow for them yet the management benefits from all the insights provided by Odoo. timely and informed decisions.

    Escales International

    Headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon with offices in Cannes, Paris, and Dubai, Escales is a destination management company and luxury concierge services. Specializing in luxury travel around the world, Escales was looking for a system that eliminates the redundancy of software systems and allows collaboration between different teams across the world.
    The Challenge:
    Escales before Odoo ERP implementation had three systems divided into:

    • A system for online reservation
    • Another for customer and contact’s information
    • An accounting software system to log the payments.

    Besides the high cost of maintaining three different systems, it was challenging to scale operations due to the manual work required.
    These together created a bottleneck for Escales, a need for a full ERP System appeared on top of Odoo ERP to streamline the operations all in the form of a single system solution. Escales needed a Contact module that provides full information on the level of contact as an individual and on the level of the company along with a sales and reservation module that allows the customer to book reservations, an invoicing module that facilitates the invoice creation through a single click based on quotations and sales orders. In addition to an accounting system for the management of the financial operations in which it supports the multi-companies and the Lebanese chart of accounts.
    Azkatech, the Odoo gold partner, handled the ERP implementation in Lebanon for Escales that helped them scale their businesses post covid-19 lockdowns. It empowered them to work remotely, collaborate across different countries, and serve their customers in a timely manner.
    The implementation consisted of:

    •  Customized Contact modules to fit the needs for Escales’ specific line of business including concepts of VIP, Resellers, Agents, Account managers
    • Customized the sales modules to handle the reservation of luxury concierge services like Palaces, Jets, Villas, Meet & Greet…
    • Integration with the accounting in a single click from quotation to invoices or bills for suppliers

    Feer Mcqueen Sarl

    FEER McQUEEN is an international hybrid creative agency obsessed with everything new and different. Ever since their beginning in 2011, they have moved forward with this obsession at heart.
    They take care of the whole workflow from branding, design, advertising, animation and even studio production.
    The challenge: with more than 70 employees working in multidisciplinary digital industries, covering markets in Lebanon, MENA and Europe, it became challenging to keep the tap on projects, teams, tasks, invoicing, profitability by projects, and P&L by department, product or client.
    Azkatech, the official Odoo partner helped them via implementing a single solution on top of Odoo that covered Marketing, CRM, Sales, Invoicing, Accounting, and Project Management, in addition to a full-fledged HR system.
    The implementation was finalized before the set in of COVID-19, and it turned out to be a great tool that helped FEER McQUEEN to resume work remotely quickly, with minimum overhead.
    After the implementation, reports that used to take days to get done manually have now become available with just a single click, thus providing upper management instant insights to act upon.


    ounded in 2004-Mindspace is a creative agency with a passion for becoming a leader in the creative development and design of communication, retail solutions, and packaging.
    To deliver value to their clients, Mindspace needed migration into a new solution to manage all their companies from one platform. In addition to intuitive reporting and business intelligence on top of Odoo 15 Enterprise. They were searching for the preferred solution provider that could replace the old version of Odoo ERP (Version 8) and will have consolidated reports between UAE, KSA, Lebanon, France, and Turkey.

    Mindspace the creative agency made up of two workflows: Agency (design) part and the Production (executing the design). Their challenge was to divide the following Odoo modules “CRM, Sales, Planning, Project and timesheet” into two parts that fall under each workflow. (e.g. Sales for agency, sales for production). Thus, Mindspace wanted a customized Odoo implementation to fulfill different workflows for different users.

    Having 4 types of agency jobs, all of these jobs were implemented by projects so the projects could be created as one of the following:

    • As regular sales
    • As a pitching service based on proposal
    • Based on previously signed contracts (Retainer)
    • Or they might have an internal agency project


    When talking about the pitching services, Mindspace needed a solution that will create proposals at the level of CRM (opportunities) to be considered before the creation of quotation, they used the following solution for pitching and processing agency products before creating any quotation. In other words, Azkatech customized the solution for Mindspace’s pitching solution. That pitching solution involves costs too with special calculation and consideration to be included in the final costs.

    As for the contracts (Retainers), the challenge they faced was to have the object that includes the jobs that should be done based on the contract. Therefore, the quotation will be generated based on the contracts, then on projects accordingly. This will allow Mindspace to then check the achieved percentage and the expected revenue for each contract (Retainer) while setting the start and end date.

    After signing deals, there is a need to implement the services and deliver results. This falls under the traffic management domain. Traffic management is about daily and tasks planning by job role, responsibility, client needs and urgencies. Azkatech provided an action inside each project to check the availability of the resources of the team using Gantt view from Odoo tasks which helps the traffic manager change the assigned tasks and send to the users the adjustments in a few clicks and user-friendly way.

    For the production project, the challenge was to have the ability to create multiple RFQs from multiple vendors within a few clicks, in addition to giving the user the ability to check the previously quoted prices for each product while planning for RFQs. Adding to that, Azkatech provided Mindspace a solution that enabled them to send the vendors an attachment for each product in the RFQ and the ability to set the prices by the vendors using the portal then after that the purchasing representative will be Notified.

    The solution didn’t stop here, Mindspace is now able to check the theoretical and forecasted cost for the production project if the specific quotations are selected, this could help the sales team to check the expected margins before proceeding with RFQ confirmation

    As a result, Mindspace was able to have a centralized solution, across all their operating countries and offices, that fits their special needs and fully integrated with major cloud services and communication channels like.

    • Integration with Dropbox cloud service
    • WhatsApp Integration
    • Centralized documents by project, task, and client under the documents app

    Extraterritorial Industry:

    Roto Flexo Press

    Rotoflexo press is a leader in the business of flexible printing. After looking for many solutions and partners, they chose Azkatech to implement Odoo.
     Their challenges: managing their increasing workloads, managing inventory, and operating without the need of owners With hundreds of clients and tens of thousands of manufacturing orders per year, it became challenging to keep up with the administrative work, following up on work orders, stock accuracy and production planning.
    How Azkatech, the official Odoo partner helped them: implemented state of the art processes on top of Odoo as a step to getting ISO certified.
    Azkatech customized Odoo for flexible printing, allowing them to plan their production efficiently via batches and deliver high-quality products for their customers in a timely manner

    Food Industry:

    Bano Trading Sal

    Founded in 1995, Bano has placed itself on the market of supplying innovative products of raw materials, utensils, and machinery for the industries of Chocolate, Bakery, Pastry, Ice cream, and Horeca with the vision of supplying only under the name of quality.
    The Challenge: Bano allied with Puratos, a Belgium-based company in order to expand into new markets in the MENA. It required them to have a unified system and aligned with Puratos.
    Azkatech, the official Odoo partner helped Bano Trading via analyzing existing processes for Bano Lebanon, gathering requirements from Puratos Belgium, and providing solution blueprints that implement both parties' requirements.
    Then Azkatech implemented the solution in all the MENA regions and in two countries in Africa and provided after go-live support and maintenance.

    Hallab 1881 SAL

    Acquiring full compliance with ISO (22000:2005) and ISO (9001:2015) certificates, currently operating 12 branches in various countries. Hallab 1881 has been a pioneer in the world of Lebanese sweets since its establishment in 1881. Known as “Kasr El Helu” al Hallab is striving for diversification with a range of sugar-free sweets and specialized division for occidental sweets. The company expanded its market share into the GCC market with branches scattered across Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, working on claiming a strong duty-free presence at main airports in the region.

    Their Challenges: Hallab 1881 before Odoo ERP implementation faced some challenges that needed the Odoo customization services, especially in catering and food production.

    Some of the challenges are the cost of production, managing yields, leftover and re-processing, forecasting, consignments and managing catering events, alternative bills of materials, and substituting raw material.

    Azkatech, the Official Odoo Gold Partners implemented a full Odoo ERP implementation and Odoo ERP customization that focused on the manufacturing of food, sweets, and catering, taking into account the full cycle from the forecasting of needs using Artificial intelligence and machine learning tuned regression models, till procurement, quality management and delivering the final products in time.

    Lina's and Dina's

    Lina's and Dina's Diet Center

    Lina’s & Dina’s Diet Center (LDDC) is a family business, established in Kuwait, committed to providing healthy food and dietary consultation of the utmost quality.
    The Challenge: The fast growth of LDDC posed some challenges that come with the growth like keeping an excellent customer relationship, getting paid on time, measuring their marketing activities attribution, understanding their margins and cost, and streamlining their food manufacturing processes
    Azkatech, the official Odoo partner helped them thru the implementation of a multi phases project that covered the whole cycle, from the marketing campaign, thru leads, sales, menu setup, and selections, and till production in the kitchen then distribution for the subscribers.
    The scope covered standard and customized modules. Part of the customization covered the subscription model for diet centers where clients are able to subscribe for programs (like 6 packs) then select their meals, food preferences, dieticians will measure, log and track key per KPIs for their subscribers and the manufacturing of meals that required sophisticated modifications to meet the specific needs in the meals manufacturing industry.

    NovatonNovaton offers game-changing solutions to produce clean technology, farms, and natural seafood free of antibiotics. Novaton is a leader in the global aquaculture industry, saving water, energy, and land and doesn't pollute any land or marine environment.

    Novaton was looking for a User-friendly ERP system that is easy to use, simple and offers straightforward reporting, and is fully integrated with all of the apps.

    What better ERP to ask for than Odoo with a trusted gold partner? Azkatech was ready to help Novaton implement Odoo ERP, the all-in-one open-source system.

    Health/Social Welfare Industry:

    Levant Medical Group

    A major player in the Lebanese healthcare sector; Levant Medical Equipment is the sole distributor of generic healthcare diagnostic imaging, ultrasound, and healthcare IT digital solutions in Lebanon. It first began its focus on the sale and maintenance of the medical imaging equipment range but then grew to be the supplier of EDAP-TMS and Intuitive, and now it is covering all the needs of the nuclear medicine department.
    The challenge: Currently opening in Iraq, Levant medical needed ERP software to manage all its branches and align the workflow between the different locations from one single place covering its financial, medical engineering &; field service department, inventory, procurement, CRM, and HR operations.
    Azkatech, the Odoo MENA Partner customized an Odoo ERP solution for levant medical that streamlines all their operations. The implementation included:

    • A customized CRM and Sales solution to manage the upcoming leads, automatically open field service tickets and customer's information.
    • An inventory module that manages the multiple locations and warehouses fully integrated with the field service.
    • An accounting module to replace the old one they had and to manage the operations related in a single click.
    • HR suite that manages all related processes, covering Salary structures mapped to the needed law, Multi salary structure, multi companies, Ability to generate payslip in a user-friendly way, all that is fully Integrated with the punching machine.

    MD SkinMD SKIN SOLUTIONS is based in the heart of Europe in Luxembourg city, MD Skin Solutions is a European ISO 13485 certified laboratory specialized in developing anti-aging treatments and solutions, with offices in Beirut and UAE.
    Their Challenge: They chose Odoo as their ERP solution and started to work internally on Odoo platform without any partner which was taking them much time to set all their functionalities and yet not being able to go online and switch all their department and branches.
    How Azkatech, the official Odoo partner helped them: through their experience in Odoo and in the business processes, to get things done more quickly and with the right configuration.
    Azkatech were the first to get in touch with MD skin Lebanon and were able to understand their challenges, allowing them to start using the system, solving issues and implementing the Lebanese accounting Lebanon entity, trained their team in Lebanon, UAE and Belgium then helped them to migrate their data and go live.
    MD skin progressed in this project since all the communication were done through a local partner, conducting multiple discussion and training session for the teams from different countries.

    NumedNUMED is a Lebanese and Middle East-based company that provides and manufactures medical and nutrition clinical equipment along with general and customized educational tools adapted for the local and international populations. NUMED offers services, including the development and production of any 2-D or 3-D product (i.e. fake food) adapted exactly to personal or institution needs.
    Their Challenges: Numed have been trying to develop their own system for the last 3 years without reaching a satisfying result to serve their business needs, adding to that they have a challenge keeping track of their customers’ data and requirements in a well-structured form along with different price list per customer, as well as keeping track of all RFQ and POs from a supplier in one single place. The current system has a limitation in managing multiple warehouses and multiple locations to ease the search for raw materials and semi-finished products in the inventory. Another challenge was that they had a concern regarding choosing a local software to run their business on since this might affect the continuity of the support for the solution, those challenges needed Odoo ERP Software.
    Azkatech, the official Odoo gold partner helped Numed through the full Odoo ERP Implementation which enabled them to manage all its tasks from end-to-end from one single place and in an integrated way between all stakeholders. Their Odoo implementation was challenging due to the very specific needs of their industry.

    Siren Associates

    Founded in 2009, Siren Associate is a non-profit organization that helps develop safe and secure societies with equal access to justice and freedom of fear. Specializing in civil policing transformation and broader public sector reform, they help organizations become more responsive to the needs of the communities.
    Their challenges: As part of the transparency movement in Lebanon, it was required to digitize the process of vaccination in Lebanon in order to keep track of the inventory, fair distribution of the vaccine and allowing reservations by citizens, and manage vaccine administration by health centers. All to be centralized in a single place with access for auditing organizations like the Central Inspection in Lebanon and the World bank.
    They needed a solution to be ready in less than three days since the vaccine was already delivered to Lebanon to cover the following:
    • Keep track of the different vaccine brands' inventories
    • Traceability of the vaccine administration by lot.
    • Allow citizens to reserve the vaccine time in the hospital of choice.
    • Allow hospitals and health centers to manage the vaccine administration process (from data collection, vaccine administration, and post-vaccine monitoring)
    • Support for the call centers to view/verify and modify misc. appointments
    • Auditing by the Central Inspections and the World Bank that answered questions like:
      • How much inventory do we have from each vaccine?
      • How each vaccine was spent and where?
      • How many appointments are reserved by the hospital?
      • How many patients showed up for their vaccines?
      • A platform that supports millions of patients and thousands of requests per second.

     How Azkatech helped
    Online Appointments and calendars were implemented and customized, to allow patients to select the health center and reserve an appointment based on their preferences. In addition to health centers to view and manage their reservations on the calendar and plan their staffing accordingly. Another customization was the contacts module, it differentiated several parties which allowed to capture patient medical profiles and integrate some security measures in order to be HIPAA Compliant.
    This helped manage the vaccination process in Lebanon.

    The Fix Spa

    As the ultimate beauty destination in Saudi Arabia, the fix is a Home service spa specialized in beauty, cosmetics, and self-care for every self-care enthusiast out there.
    Wanting to follow the new KSA regulations that GAZT has set, there was a need for a new system that will allow them to implement the eInvoice and integrated with the Ministry of Finance.
    This was an opportunity to digitally transform their business, become a paperless company, where they can manage their business functions from a single place.
    Odoo was the perfect fit. It covered the regulatory requirements along with a business suit to digitally transform the business. The solution is an on-demand solution where “The fix SPA” was able to start small and scale once they grow.
    A quick list of covered requirements:
    • XML format or PDF/A-3 (including XML format) are supported
    • The solution is web-based, cloud-based, able to connect to the internet Mobile friendly and mobile responsive
    • Record and transactions tracking along with historical information
    • Incoming/outgoing emails and notifications Cryptographic Stamp are supported
    • Customer and supplier invoices, bills and payments
    • Cost centers and budgeting analysis
    • Assets & Depreciation Schedule
    • All essential financial and management reporting: P&L, Balance Sheet, Aged Receivable /Payable, Customer Statement of Account, Taxations, Zakat Reports on the net profit, Multi currencies- multi companies, Multi payment method.
    The implemented solution helped “The Fix SPA” to go live within less than a month with the new ZACTA regulation and start their digital transformation journey.

    Household Industry:


    KITWOOD is a leading supplier and producer of high-end kitchens, wardrobes, and vanities, in Lebanon since 1981. They are the name for excellence, meticulousness, and innovation in the industry of kitchen and cabinet production in Lebanon. Dedication and profound attachment to core business values and ethics are the pillars that make KITWOOD a leader in the market.
    Their Challenge: disconnected applications for each department, disconnection between branches for the invoicing and accounting.
    Kitwood was using different solo software to manage each department, from CRM, inventory, accounting, and price simulation. This wasn’t efficient since operations weren’t integrated and most importantly, they had a bitter experience with their software supplier which prevented them from going online with the manufacturing and price simulation software on time.
    How Azkatech, the official Odoo partner helped them: integrating one single solution that replaced all the solo applications and sharing data with all branches.
    Azkatech implemented the whole solution for the sales department along with the pricing modules, invoicing of the customers to be able to fully manage their business using Odoo ERP.
    Kitwood management has requested heavy customization on Odoo to meet their specific requirement and UI interface, Azkatech provided all these customizations in a very reasonable time allowing the management to see significant changes in no time.
    As of today, all the showrooms are now connected under the same platform sharing data, up to date price simulation. Allowing their salespeople to serve their customers more efficiently and shorten the sales cycle, especially in the quotations, follow-ups, invoicing processes from different branches.
    Data migration has been done from all their old systems into Odoo.

    IT/Communication Industry:


    Azkatech is an official Odoo partner in Lebanon, and we are ready and waiting to help you with Odoo implementation Lebanon-wide and beyond – as well as customization, troubleshooting, and ERP development for all types of businesses and industries.

    The Azkatech team has over two decades of comprehensive experience in Software development and ERP implementation and boasts a good deal of satisfied customers worldwide who choose us when they are looking for an Odoo partner in Lebanon for all things ERP.
    As a local company with a global presence, we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to ERP implementation and customization, and have built up a strong reputation as the best Odoo company in Lebanon has to offer. Whether you’ve just begun exploring your options and aren’t sure where to start or if you are looking to upgrade your current ERP software to a more responsive and comprehensive alternative, we are here for you when you need us.
    We can help you to control and centralize your business systems, reduce admin time, and cut costs, leaving you free to get on with what matters to you: running your business. If you need a local, professional and responsive Odoo developer in Lebanon Azkatech should be your first port of call.

    Odoo implementation in Lebanon:
    For help with Odoo development in Lebanon or MENA or guidance on how to get the best out of your ERP software, contact Azkatech now to get the experts on your team today.

    Adgi Solutions

    Specializing in system Consultation, Design, Development, and Hardware Supplies in Saudi Arabia; Adgi Solutions offers its clients complete solutions for both software and hardware supplies.


    Their Challenge: managing their sales transactions and processes within different departments they needed a system that can manage all processes under one integrated system that enables reporting per department.


    Azkatech implemented the Sales, purchase, accounting, invoicing, project, studio, and approvals module through the Odoo ERP system. A system that allows Adgi to manage all its operations from a single place with complete reporting. experts on your team today.

    Alpha Technology Group

    Alpha Technology group- Also known as Dotcom- is a leader in the online software development space serving more than 1500 customers from different industries. Founded 11 years ago, Today, Alpha Technology Group Offers its Clients more than six products and services that have each become a market leader in its activity.

    Their Challenge: After the changes occurring in Lebanon, Alpha Technology group needed an accounting module that abides by the Lebanese standard. In which the system can take into consideration the various currencies (Dollar, Lolar, LBP rates, checks ...etc)
    Alpha technology was facing another challenge in terms of consolidation, noting that they have many partners, they needed the consolidation solution from Odoo ERP that will give them customized reports per each partner.

    Azkatech was up to the challenge and proposed a new unified solution following international standards for different industries, where they can manage all their business
    functions from a single place.
    The offered solution helped Alpha Technology group in:

      • Managing the business operations that consisted of quotations, sales orders, and invoicing
      • Managing the expenses, subscription, approvals, DMS & E sign.
      • Managing their financial operations (supporting intercompany. Multi-companies
        features, and fixed assets.)

    Zero and One

    Zero and One is a cloud-native services company that is leading complex technology projects in the MENA region. Leveraging the innovative capabilities of the cloud to help customers build new revenue streams, increase efficiency, and deliver incredible experiences.


    The Challenge: Before Azkatech, Zero & One had an implementation of Accounting, payroll, subscription, CRM, and sales modules for Dubai and Lebanon with another partner. It wasn't long before the solution didn't work out as needed due to the inadequate reporting to the Government and the not-so-strong accounting solution.


    Azkatech came for help and did an Odoo 15 migration, in addition to deploying its Lebanese Accounting Solution and payroll module. Azkatech also offered data migration/ cleaning, and mapping services that served them in successfully declaring to both governments with all the needed.

    Manufacturing Industry:

    Filtrani sarl

    From cigarettes tubes to filter tips, Filtra group is a manufacturing company located in Lebanon and producer of Roll-Your-Own (RYO) and Make-Your-Own (MYO) accessories. Exporting for more than 27 countries Filtra Group was using a local software tool to manage their processes for more than 10 years.
    Their Challenge: Managing most of the workflow manually and through excel sheets; Filtra was facing a few challenges with the tracking of the customer’s data and requirements along with managing the different price lists per customer. In addition, they were facing a few challenges with keeping track of all their RFQs and POs from suppliers and communication between purchasing, warehouse and accounting.
    Therefore, Filtra knew it was time for a new ERP software and Odoo was the best suitable solution.
    Azkatech being an Odoo gold partner in MENA implemented a digital solution on top of Odoo that allowed Filtra to get rid of the manual work, streamlined their workflows, minimized stock shortages, optimized their production costs and minimized order to delivery time

    Kamaplast sarl

    Established in 1982 in Saida- Lebanon, Kamaplast is considered a leading plastic manufacturer in Lebanon producing the widest range of plastic products, with the famous motto: “Sign of Quality” and a mission to become the #1 plastic manufacturer and distributor in the middle east; Kamaplast is a family business and the 3 rd generation started the journey of digital transformation for factory and Odoo Manufacturing was a perfect fit.
    Their challenge: Kamaplast had only basic accounting software that lacked the concept of multi branches, warehouses and manufacturing. Thus, they had to do tons of manual work yet they couldn’t keep up with the increasing demand on their products.
    Azkatech Customized Odoo for manufacturing of plastic and came up with a solution that allowed to:

    • Step up their accounting operations to an international standard yet keep the Lebanese accounting practices like multi-currencies, manual exchange rate, postdated checks…
    • Managed their stock accurately on top of Odoo Inventory, Odoo production and Odoo barcode
    • Calculated more accurately their cost of manufactured products taking into account products recycle and reprocessing.


    A team of passionate people whose goal is to improve everyone's life through disruptive products. One of their key products is “Layan’s face masks” which are GMP certified. Hypoallergenic masks have high filtration capacity and superior protection. The masks are free of fiberglass and have other features, with the purpose of growing in Kuwait's face mask industries.
    Their Challenges: Layan industry serves two markets B2B and B2C. Moreover, it serves different forms of products, which means different prices too. Those factors created a few challenges that required an Odoo Gold partner in Kuwait to help install Odoo
    Azkatech, the official Odoo partner in Kuwait and Odoo gold partner in Lebanon helped in defining their manufacturing processes on top of Odoo MRP in addition to accounting, invoicing, sales, purchase, inventory, POS, Website, E-commerce, Kuwait payroll system, attendance and time-off programs.
    Another important key point was the Kuwait payroll system to be fully integrated into Odoo. Many have struggled with the complexity of the Kuwait payroll system and Kuwait HR system. Azkatech customized Odoo HR and Odoo payroll to fill the Kuwait payroll system and grow with Kuwait face mask industries.

    Technica International Sal

    6,600 meters squared factory with more than 200 employees; Technica International SAL –Founded by Tony Haddad provides automation and robotic solutions since in 1982. Technica delivers innovative, customized and high-quality solutions and turnkey lines, designed to satisfy the automation needs and the product handling of our customers, in order to improve their operation’s efficiency and to increase their production capacity.
    Their Challenge: Technica didn’t have an integrated software program like the Odoo ERP, thus the communication between the different departments wasn’t that smooth which creates many challenges, adding to that its business processes weren’t automated which was a harder task if they want to improve their operation’s efficiency and production capacity which is why they needed the Odoo customization services.
    How Azkatech, the official Odoo gold partner helped: mapping the full ERP modules implementation to meet the needs of Technica on different levels. Azkatech, implemented, customized Odoo ERP modules, and trained Technica on:
    1. CRM and Sales through mapping the collected info into the ERP, implement different forms templates for proposals based on each case, apply the customization needed and the workflows, moreover train the sales team to efficiently use the CRM to maximize the benefits from Odoo.
    2. Accounting by customizing the charts of accounts on a multi-company level and the reports requested for accounting and auditing, adding to that training on all needed processes yet to meet the specific needs for the Lebanese accounting practices.
    3. Procurement and Inventory management in a way tailored to the company’s needs with full training on how to use the inventory for transfers, multi-step routes, multi-warehouse and locations to fit their very specific needs on how to run projects to manufacture new machines and support existing projects.
    4. Marketing Suite in order to have a fully connected suite of applications.
    5. Odoo Manufacturing, PLM, maintenance and quality to efficiently manage their production, keep track of costs, quality of their products starting from the moment they order raw material till delivering the final product.

    Real Estate Industry:

    SAKR logo

    After its establishment in 2010, Sakr real estate was able to leverage the success of Sakr Power Systems and Sakr Lighting Systems, it became one of the leading property developers in the MENA region with around 200 employees. Being the first developer to establish smart construction in the Middle East, North Africa region, SAKR is working on scheming unique projects by linking the complex world of advanced technologies with the simple comfort of a better quality of life.
    Their Challenges: as a result of Sakr’s success they ended up with thousands of leads which made it hard for the company to manage them all and take action in a reasonable time, adding to that the excel and google sheets started to slow their sales teams.
    Additional challenges surfaced with a large number of leads like tracking the history of each contact and following up on activities for the large sales teams thus a Customized Odoo ERP module proved to be the right solution for them.
    Azkatech, the official Odoo gold partner helped them via customizing both the sales, procurement and inventory modules to fit the specific needs of real estate operations.
    In addition, an important implementation was the property price calculator and payment options which were a must in a changing financial and economic landscape in Lebanon Sakr needed an agile methodology to speed up the delivery, thus Azkatech was able to onboard their teams on Odoo CRM and Online CRM in a short time span of 3 days which helped them to stay on top of their market.

    Wholesale/Retail Industry:

    Innovative Medical Solutions sal (IMS Medical)

    Innovative Medical Solution - A front-line provider of innovative medical technology that serves all the modern medical practices, IMS is trying to equip the Arab world, Middle East, and Western Asia with the most advanced technology and medical equipment that serves in the progress of modern medicine.
    Their Challenges: IMS was working on a local accounting system for the management of its financial operations, the local accounting system doesn’t have the features and the innovations of Odoo ERP module thus, it was hard for the innovative medical solution to manage its operations in all the departments.
    How Azkatech, the official Odoo gold partner helped: Azkatech prepared an Odoo custom module for IMS called Request for Maintenance, it allows the company easily manage their warranty and costs thus speeding up their operations and minimizing errors.

    MS Equipments

    Working directly with the government, MS equipment specializes in military hardware, accessories & clothing. Located in Lebanon, it provides the army and internal security forces with clothes, body armor, military gloves, scopes, and other accessories they need.
    MS Equipment focuses on providing premium products while dealing with renowned international brands. In addition, they create custom-made solutions with the mission to provide their personnel with the highest, most practical gear they can get, believing that in this line of business, it's not luck but training & gear that matters.
    Their Challenge: Looking for a trustworthy Odoo partner, MS Equipment wanted an integrated all-together ERP solution to manage all its processes and replace the manual work with this new solution that will cover the following:
    An Accounting module that will replace the old financial solution
    An advanced POS system that:
    Supports multi-currency rate for each POS against the main currency, along with storing the history of actions on the POS.
    Customization of the POS receipt design to be user-friendly and organized.
    Enables controlling the content of this receipt.
    Using different sales account on hosting the pos transactions for each pos.
    Advanced sales report by product variant.
    Sales module fully integrated with the CRM, inventory, and accounting, with an advanced reporting part to have a clear analysis for sales, services, margin and revenues.
    CRM module to handle all upcoming leads efficiently along with related tasks
    Inventory, Purchase & Quality module that will fulfill the needed requirements from Barcode scanning to managing the different warehouses, into issuing PO with the suppliers fully integrated with the inventory to receive the products.
    HR suite to generate payslip in a user-friendly way, and manage other HR-related fields. Along with handling salary structures, working hours, and more integrated with the punching machine found at MS Equipment.
    Azkatech handled the Odoo ERP implementation for MS that helped them better manage their work and offer premium products and custom-made solutions to their customers in Lebanon.

    Med Surg Solutions

    Having more than 750 clients from all over the GCC and the middle east; Med Surg Solutions is a large leading medical solutions company having a strong presence in the Middle East health care community since its establishment in 2003, known for its support of the improvement of the quality of life for patients in the ME. To keep up with the continuous updates in this field MSS seeks to get the latest technological innovations.
    Their Challenges: Having more than one branch (Odoo implementation Lebanon, Odoo implementation UAE and Odoo implementation KSA), it was hard for MSS to manage all its branches and have an equal and similar workflow between them from one single place. Another challenge by MSS was the locally implemented solutions. They were tailored for very specific scenarios and failed to scale functionalities for multi-national companies. Odoo was the best fit. An international grade ERP system, general enough yet easily customizable to fit MSS needs.
    How Azkatech, the official Odoo gold partner helped MSS: An Odoo customization and Odoo implementation of the below Odoo modules:

    • The sales and procurement Suite was heavily customized to fit the needs of the medical supply chain and the practices for marketing and selling that kind of product.
    • Full HR suite to handle the full cycle of HR from job positions opening till hiring and of course payroll. Taking into account multiple implementations for Odoo Payroll Saudi Arabia and Lebanese Payroll and HR.

    Mepco Lebanon S.A.L


    Mepco is a leading paper and board trader in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Indian Subcontinent. Achieving a prestigious ranking of 5 among the top 100 SMEs by the agency of the Department of the Economic Development in Dubai (DED) for the years 2011-2012. Positioning itself as a reliable, professional and trustworthy partner; Mepco pays special attention to its customers and suppliers, ensuring loyalty and complete transparency.
    Their Challenges: Currently using a local accounting system to manage their financial operations with them being found in different locations, they needed a unified system where they can manage all their business functions from one single place. In addition, they needed to keep track of all the automated inventory and procurement operations, accounting and their customer’s information accompanied by different pricelists per customer. Thus, they needed an all-in-one cloud-based solution and Odoo Business Suite was a natural fit.
    Azkatech, the Odoo MENA gold partner implemented the Odoo ERP all-in-one solution mapped to meet the business needs of Mepco covering four companies in MENA region and India. This ERP software covered business management solutions along with Warehouse and financial management including Sales, Invoicing, Purchase, Inventory and Accounting which supports the Lebanese and American chart of accounts.


    A leader in the Middle East market and a station for all professionals hunters, Brescia Middle East was founded in 1981 by Mr. Joseph Abi Saab; the company is specialized in importing and exporting hunting guns and related ammunition. Named after the Italian city Brescia, the company is divided into Brescia distribution, Retail, Factory and Used arms division.
    Their Challenges: Having several divisions increased the overhead and manual work. Thus, they needed to replace the outdated system they have into a new one that manages all the business functions from one single place. Adding to that, the new needed system shall be an open-source to allow the integration with HubSpot and Mailchimp for their marketing ; thus, Odoo ERP is the solution.
    Azkatech, the Odoo MENA gold partner implemented Odoo ERP to address the local purchase, import and export procedures of Brescia along with the B2B Selling procedure. This new unified solution following international standard for different industries, enables BME to manage all their business functions from a single place also implementing new modules that will help them in increasing their revenues and getting accurate data from each department.