Azk History Pricing

Azk History Pricing

Odoo History Pricing Features

1-This module sets the latest price of a product given to the customer.
2-Allows to apply the history pricing by customer or for all customers by company.
3-Allows to set a history pricing with the discount that is given to the customer.
4-Allows to have a duration for history pricing.

History Pricing

Checkout below step-by-step guide:


Configuration and Specifications:

  1. General Settings->Companies
  2. Activate history pricing by changing it from disabled to by customer or all customers

Select By Customer

  1. Activate history pricing with discount to give the customer the latest discount
  2. Set history pricing duration to specify the accepted duration in months.

Activate/ Diactivate history Pricing

  1. On contact form, activate history pricing so the latest price will be given on SO/INV.

Create Sale Order

  1. If the selected customer has history pricing activated, the latest prices and discounts of products will be set.
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