MOPH vaccine registration in Lebanon

Covax vaccine Lebanon Registration data:

1,213,394 individual

100,691 health worker

94,828 divided into the following:

  1. 94,415 pfizer BioNTech
  2. 334 AstraZeneca 
  3. 135 Sputnik
  4. 3 Sino pharm

Did you register on the moph vaccine registration platform?

What is Covax

Covax is one of the three pillars of the access to COVID-19  Tools accelerator, launched by the EU and France with the aim to provide innovative and equitable access to COVID-19 diagnostics, treatments and vaccines.

Covax vaccine Lebanon is the official platform used by the republic of Lebanon ministry of public health (MOH) to register for the covid-19 vaccine and ensure faire access to the vaccines once available.

How Azkatech helped Covax manage the covid-19 vaccination process?

Azkatech, the software solution company and Odoo gold partner, was there to answer the call for our beloved Lebanon, being a solution provider, it integrated with Impact platform to ensure a smooth and seamless process will occur. Azkatech, the Odoo gold Partner helped in managing the covid-19 vaccination process through its implementation of Odoo (Odoo online appointment, calendar, employee, contact, Website, CRM, inventory and Invoicing).

Using Odoo Business suite, Covax vaccine Lebanon, the platform for taking the covid-19 vaccine was released in three days and allowed citizens to take appointments for vaccines and health center to administer vaccines and monitor after vaccines effects.

Azkatech involvement was:

  1. Integrated Odoo with Impact platform to help in reading the scheduled and done vaccination appointments
  2. Customizing the contacts module which allowed capture patients medical profile.
  3. Customizing the calendar which served in defining the status of the appointment and process of vaccines
  4. User’s customization since every clinic has its own schedule and working hours
  5. Online appointments customization, this enables the hospital to reset the appointment slot based on estimated appointment duration.

Moreover, the republic of Lebanon ministry of public health (MOH) was able/is still managing the covid-19 vaccination process with Azkatech’s help.

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