Cost of Manufacturing ERP

odoo manufacturing erp

Cost of Manufacturing ERP

Organize better, automate your back office functions and achieve more with Azkatech, Odoo Gold Partner

  •  Optimize your production cost by taking into account all related drivers (scrap material/ faulty products & reprocessing, average energy cost, etc.)
  •  Identify specific operational metrics and make better decisions
  •  Trace it all and incorporate your recall plan directly into the system
  • Real-time inventory reporting and automatic alerts configured for low stock situations
  • Lower expenses thanks to streamlined operations, fewer errors and reduced time spent on administrative tasks
raw materials
  •  Precise inventory valuation in real-time including scrap and reused material
  •  Replenishment management based on future stock forecast
  •  Save time and direct your energy in getting things done
  •  Serial number tracking
  •  Activity log (operation history: picking, delivery orders and quality control)
  •  Ability to give real feedback to customers and identify the source of eventual problems
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