Odoo Training, Odoo Support

Empower your team with expert Odoo knowledge and ensure a smooth-running, continuously optimized system.


Unlock Odoo’s Potential with Tailored Training


  • Boost Productivity: Enhance employee efficiency, reduce errors, and save time with training designed for your specific Odoo implementation.
  • Customized Approach: Options ranging from end-user basics to technical training for KPI creation, all aligned with your workflows.
  • Train the Trainers: Empower your in-house team to become Odoo experts, ensuring continuous knowledge sharing.


Ensure Seamless Operation with Proactive Support

  • System Upkeep: Maintain a healthy, updated Odoo system. Includes code upgrades, 3rd-party module updates, and bug fixes.
  • Responsive Helpdesk: Get swift answers to end-user questions and resolve technical issues quickly.
  • Productivity Focus: Our support untangles users and provides solutions that keep your team focused on their core tasks.
  • Competitive SLAs: Choose the service level agreement that guarantees the responsiveness and support your business requires.

Why Choose Azkatech


  • Odoo Certified Experts: Deep technical knowledge and understanding of Odoo best practices.
  • Focus on Business Outcomes: Our support aligns with your efficiency and growth goals.
  • Dedication to User Success: We’re committed to empowering your team and maximizing your Odoo investment.


Experience the Difference


  • Increased Efficiency: Streamlined processes, reduced downtime, and optimized use of Odoo’s features.
  • Minimized Risk: Fewer errors, proactive system updates, and support to prevent major disruptions.
  • Confident Users: A skilled, knowledgeable team ready to take full advantage of Odoo.


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