Odoo Training, Odoo Support

Empower your team with expert Odoo knowledge and ensure a smooth-running, continuously optimized system.


Unlock Odoo’s Potential with Tailored Training


  • Boost Productivity: Enhance employee efficiency, reduce errors, and save time with training designed for your specific Odoo implementation.
  • Customized Approach: Options ranging from end-user basics to technical training for KPI creation, all aligned with your workflows.
  • Train the Trainers: Empower your in-house team to become Odoo experts, ensuring continuous knowledge sharing.


Odoo Training and Support
Odoo Support

Ensure Seamless Operation with Proactive Support

  • System Upkeep: Maintain a healthy, updated Odoo system. Includes code upgrades, 3rd-party module updates, and bug fixes.
  • Responsive Helpdesk: Get swift answers to end-user questions and resolve technical issues quickly.
  • Productivity Focus: Our support untangles users and provides solutions that keep your team focused on their core tasks.
  • Competitive SLAs: Choose the service level agreement that guarantees the responsiveness and support your business requires.

Why choose Azkatech

Odoo Certified Experts

Deep technical knowledge and understanding of Odoo best practices.

Focus on Business Outcomes

 Our support aligns with your efficiency and growth goals.

Dedication to User Success

We're committed to empowering your team and maximizing your Odoo investment.

Odoo Training and Support

Experience the Difference


  • Increased Efficiency: Streamlined processes, reduced downtime, and optimized use of Odoo’s features.
  • Minimized Risk: Fewer errors, proactive system updates, and support to prevent major disruptions.
  • Confident Users: A skilled, knowledgeable team ready to take full advantage of Odoo.


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