Odoo Lebanese accounting

Odoo Accounting: Simplify Your Finances with Azkatech Lebanese Localization

Lebanese compliant, mobile-friendly, and AI-powered, Odoo Accounting, localized by Azkatech, lets you manage your finances effortlessly.

  • Lebanese Chart of Account
  • Preconfigured VAT account
  • MoF financial reports including VAT and top 10
  • JV counter values in additional two currencies.
  • Financial reports in 3 different currencies based on counter value


    Key benefits:

      • Start instantly: Pre-configured for Lebanese Chart of Accounts, Customer and Supplier VAT, Top 10 Reports, VAT declaration
      • Multi-company: Manage subsidiaries and consolidate reports easily.
      • Automated invoicing: Generate invoices, credit notes, and manage payments efficiently.
      • Multi-currency: Track finances and pay bills in different currencies.
      • Split VAT from Transactions: split vat paid in LBP from USD for services & good and generate different statement of accounts per currency for each customer/supplier
      • Reconcile effortlessly: Automate bank feeds and simplify reconciliation.
      • Advanced reporting: Generate in-depth reports for audits and tax purposes including Top 10 customers/suppliers
      • Analytic accounting: Track project/departments costs, budgets, and revenue. Create multi-dimensional cost centers
      • Manage assets and contracts: Track assets, depreciation, and recurring revenue/expenses.
      • Fully connected: with sales, purchase, production and manufacturing, services, projects, payroll, expenses…Install new modules as you grow


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