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    What can Odoo ERP System do?


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      • ERP Functionality: Odoo ERP System manages diverse business practices across roles and functions.
      • Open-Source Platform: Odoo is an open-source ERP with standard features and customizable modules.
      • Module Diversity: Odoo modules and ecosystemcater to specific business needs not covered by Odoo mother company.
      • Integration Capabilities: Odoo integrates various systems, streamlining business processes and saving time and money.
      • Versatility: Suitable for start-ups, SMEs, and larger enterprises.
      • Certified Odoo 17 Partner: Certified expertise in implementing and customizing Odoo solutions.


    Why Use Odoo?

      • Versatile ERP Leader: Odoo, a top open-source ERP globally, offers comprehensive enterprise resource management solutions.
      • Global Accessibility: millions of satisfied customers and thousands of global partners
      • Extensive Modules: Boasting 13,000+ modules, Odoo caters to diverse business needs.
      • Continuous Development: Odoo prioritizes ongoing development for staying competitive.
      • Cost-Effective Quality: Recognized for quality at a reasonable cost, Odoo customization provides efficient ERP solutions.

    The Benefits of Odoo ERP

    So, what can Odoo do for you? Here are some of the main features.

      • CRM Automation: Streamline lead management, task handling, and issue resolution with automated notifications and communication.
      • Supply Chain and Stock Control: Simplify warehousing, stock control, and supply chain management remotely using Odoo.
      • Efficient Sales Management: Control customer orders, automate ordering, and manage invoicing and delivery.
      • Manufacturing Operations Centralization: Centrally manage manufacturing operations with multi-level BoMs, work centers, and routing options. Fully integrated with manufacturing, costs and P&L.
      • Project Handling: Manage, monitor and control projects.Automate notifications, and prioritize time-sensitive activities, minimize delays and missed deadline. The toolkit supports various project models. Get per project profitability, manage project budgets, milestones, updates…
      • Comprehensive Accounting: Covering accounts payable/receivable, general ledger, budgeting, tax management, and more. Automate bank reconciliations, invoicing, and cashflow with analytics and prediction tools.
      • Purchase Automation: Track quotes and orders, automate replenishment and purchasing, and enhance inventory performance
      • Point of Sale Tools: Manage all Point of Sale needs, including inventory, sales, invoicing, and cash registry, self-checkout, kitchen-display-system (KDS), know your POS sales in real-time. A complete business overview.
      • Full Odoo Support: Azkatech provides assistance for ERP implementation in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia (KSA), MENA and beyond.

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    How Odoo Implementation in Lebanon should be done

    Good Odoo companies Lebanon wide and further afield will take care of the set-up and implementation for you, so that you’re all ready to hit the ground running.

    Here is an overview of how Azkatech handles Odoo implementation. Lebanon businesses both large and small can benefit from this unique ERP – contact us now to find out more.

      • Needs Analysis: Thoroughly understand your business and its challenges to design a tailored Odoo ERP solution.
      • Customization: Develop and customize the ERP system in accordance with industry standards for a seamless transition.
      • Setup and Configuration: Provide flexibility in setting up and configuring the software with the right tools, customized modules, and personalization to suit your business.
      • Data Migration: Ensure a smooth transition from your current ERP to Odoo, prioritizing the security and privacy of your business data.
      • Training: Offer comprehensive remote training using tools like Skype, phone, and email to ensure you and your team are ready to use Odoo effectively.
      • Ongoing Support: Provide continuous support post-implementation, helping with module additions, troubleshooting, and ensuring optimal utilization of the system.
      • Full Implementation Service: Azkatech offers a complete Odoo implementation service for businesses in Lebanon and beyond, ensuring a trouble-free start and ongoing success. Contact us to learn more.

    Why Choose Azkatech for Odoo development?

      • Odoo Gold Partner: Azkatech is a recognized Odoo Gold partner in Lebanon, specializing in development and official partnerships.
      • Global Expertise: Based in Beirut with international recognition, Azkatech excels in software development and customer service.
      • Proven ERP Excellence: With over 20 years of combined ERP experience, Azkatech ensures seamless Odoo implementation.
      • Innovation in Customization: As an ERP innovator, Azkatech delivers cutting-edge solutions for resource management.
      • Local and Global Solutions: A local company with global experience, Azkatech provides forward-thinking solutions.
      • Efficiency and Cost Savings: Azkatech boosts productivity, cuts costs, and efficiently manages information for businesses.
      • Versatile Odoo Proficiency: Proficient in both Enterprise and Community versions, Azkatech caters to diverse business needs.
      • Satisfaction Guarantee: Trusted for satisfied customers locally and internationally, Azkatech is your go-to Odoo implementation partner.
      • Contact for More: Reach out to Azkatech now for efficient Odoo implementation services in Lebanon and beyond.