Odoo Diet Center Software

Odoo for Diet Centers empowers you to deliver exceptional services, enhance client satisfaction, and grow your business. Whether you’re a solo practitioner or manage a bustling diet center, our software adapts to your needs and scales with your success.


Say goodbye to manual record-keeping and hello to efficient, data-driven diet center management. Join the Odoo revolution and experience the difference for yourself.


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Our tailored diet center solution is designed to meet the unique needs of dietitians, nutritionists, and diet centers, helping you manage clients, appointments, meal plans, and much more.

Diet center system

Why Choose Odoo ERP for Your Diet Center?

  1. Client Onboarding: Easily add new clients to the system, input their health history, and set their goals.

  2. Personalized Meal Planning: Create customized meal plans and track the nutritional intake of your clients.

  3. Appointment Management: Schedule client appointments, send reminders, and efficiently manage your calendar.

  4. Progress Tracking: Monitor your clients’ progress over time, making adjustments to their plans as needed.

  5. Inventory Control: Keep your inventory of recommended foods and supplements in check, so you’re always prepared.

  6. Billing and Invoicing: Streamline your billing process and keep track of payments.

  7. Reporting and Analytics: Gain insights into your clients’ progress and the performance of your diet center.

diet center erp odoo

DIet Center Software Features

customer profile

Manages Customer Profile

Customer Smart buttons: Accounting, Contracts, Address, Phone, Remarks etc.
Medical profile: Medical History, Diet History,
Dislikes /Diet portions /Meal remarks /Visits logs

Subscription: Program/ Plan

Creating the Sales Order and selecting the needed plan
Subscription days, Extra days, Freezing days and Transferring

menu selection

Menu Selection

Choosing required menu
list of dislikes

manufacturing order

Kitchen Schedule & Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing Orders – Portion Reports
Cost Analysis
Material Tracking

delivery card


Delivery card
Special Delivery Service
Drivers & Customer Lists


FInancial Transactions

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Service – Customer Satisfaction

customer dislike

Customer Dislikes

Dislikes specified by the Customer On a variant, product or a specific category Meal comments specified on a specific meal type

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