Odoo Social media integrate and geolocate Features

1-Allows check in and check out on the Kanban view.
2-Allows to add Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram
3-Allow to geo locate and capture current location.
4-Allow to navigate to map when the geo location is filled.
5-Allows to grant access per user.

Social Media

Checkout below step-by-step guide:


-Configuration to enable Odoo social 

  1. Go to the app settings >> General setting >> Go to Azkatech social >> Enable Azkatech social.

How it works:

-Link social media account: go to contact page where Social Networks tab is provided.

-Options for different social media platforms are provided. Just provide the links of account.

-Auto complete & verify if token is correct.

-Allows to open the map when google map is filled.

-Allows on Odoo Kanban view to navigate and capture current location.

-Allows to grant or remove access per user.