Outlook Meetings

Outlook Meetings

Odoo Outlook Meetings Features

1-This module integrates outlook meetings with the calendar app to view all calendar events.
2Users can now enjoy a friendly user experience, better time management, and check all meetings from Odoo and Outlook.
3-Enhanced time management from scheduling the meetings’ start and end time, attendees, location, etc.
4-Ability to notify attendees in the Odoo app as well as in the outlook.
5- Changes in the same meeting file will be updated automatically.
6-Support ICS files only.
7- Meeting files inserted will be created as meeting events in the Odoo calendar of the user.

Outlook Meetings

Checkout below step-by-step guide:


Configuration and Specifications:

  1. Install the icalendar in python configuration.
  2. A new button in the menu will appear, which allows the user to upload the meeting files in ICS form.

Uploading Files:

  1. When the user clicks the “Add outlook meeting” button, the following popup will show, to allow adding Odoo outlook meeting
  • Upon uploading the meeting file user should make sure that the file type is an ICS file. Other forms are not accepted.
  • Note: this will show if file isn’t ICS 

Meeting Fields:

  1. The added meeting files must have values for the attendees, start date, and subject to parse them to a new Odoo calendar event meeting. If fields not filled, this will show.

After filling in the needed, the user can add a reminder to all attendees on their Odoo app and Outlook account.

  • If the same file meeting is uploaded again, the meeting file in the calendar app will be updated if there are any changes.