Attachment Blacklist and Whitelisting

Attachment Blacklist and Whitelisting

Odoo Attachment Blacklist Whitelisting Features

1-This Odoo Attachment Blacklist/Whitelisting module prevent users from uploading attachments based on files extensions according to predefined rules per model or Allow/whitelist specific extensions.
2-Improve storage management by blocking unnecessary attachments.
3-Improve security by blocking malicious files.
4-Easy to use with minimum configuration needed.

Attachment Blacklist and Whitelisting

Checkout below step-by-step guide:


-Define filtering rules.

– In the Odoo Attachment, Odoo blacklist/whitelist: Define rules per model e.g. as below image shows on first line it defines a rule that whitelist JPG, PDF, XlS and XLSX. In the image below we defined a rule named “sales rule” which is applied on “”Sales Order” module. This rule permits all files of type while it blocks files of type PNG.

-Define rules that blacklist EXE on all modules e.g. in the below picture keep the model field empty Also we defined another rule named “all modules rule” which is applied on all modules. This rule permits all file types except EXE files.


-Rule for specific model.

– In the image below, user try to upload file of type PNG, but the operation was blocked by the rule “sales rule” which blacklist PNG files.


-Rule for all models.

– In the image below, user tried to upload file of type EXE, but the operation was blocked by the rule “all modules rule” which blacklist EXE Files.


If no rule applies to an attachment, it will be permitted.