Accounting system

    Powerful accounting software

    Online accounting software that is perfect for bookkeeping, identifying profit and loss as well as basic accounting. An accounting system that enhances efficiency, saves time and integrates seamlessly with any business.

    Lebanese accounting dashboard

    Save time

    Beautiful user interface

    A fast and modern user interface that is intuitive and makes carrying out all accounting tasks simple. Based on Google Material Design trend, it is web-based accounting software that does it all.

    Reduce data entry

    Accounting software online that reduces the need to create invoices manually. User can register bank statement and follow up accounts payable. The reduction in data entry saves time and efficiency.

    Get paid faster

    Aged receivable balance

    Accounting software online that makes it possible to monitor overdue payments via an accounts receivable report. A treasury forecast also provides an informative insight, helping businesses to keep their fingers on the pulse.

    Customer Portal

    Online accounting software that provides customers with control. They can check order status, access invoices and make payments via their portal.

    Automated follow-ups

    Enhance the collection process, create emails and make follow-up calls all in one place. This web-based accounting software keeps everything on track and simple to manage.

    Advanced customer statements

    Obtain a clear understanding of each customer use case via clear reporting based on customer statements and all documentation.

    Accounts payable

    Control supplier bills

    Keep on top of accounts payable and view clear, real-time information. Overview of purchase orders and bills as well as receipts, enable you to make correct payments on time. In addition, it helps you to keep on top of bookkeeping and accounting and make sure you pay the correct bill.

    Forecast expenses

    No surprise future payments as the online accounting software makes it possible to identify bills that will have to be paid in the future.

    Bill digitization

    Using artificial intelligence and OCR, users can upload bulls to the accounting system. The system will then create vendors bills, all of which can feed into your balance sheet, giving a clear indication of profit and loss.

    Accounts receivable

    Clean customer invoices

    Create simple, sleek invoices that are rich with features including payment terms, multiple taxes, discounts and more.

    Advanced Payment terms

    Support is included for multiple payments in one invoice including cash discounts, advance invoicing and partial reconciliations.

    Draft invoice proposition

    Based around sales orders, timesheets or delivery orders, draft invoices are automatically created.

    aged receivable and accounts receivable
    Aged receivable with drill down on customer invoices


    Multi-currency support

    The Lebanese Accounting system seamlessly supports multiple currencies using both manual and automatic rate updates. Support is offered for multiple JV currencies that are logged at the time a transaction takes place. Provides users with the ability to create financial reports based on multiple currencies.

    Multiple chart of accounts

    Create different Lebanese chart of accounts are international chart of accounts (CoA) for each company and then generate a single, consolidated report.

    Multi companies

    Consolidation financial reports are generated by the accounting software, integrating all subsidiaries and Chart of Accounts. This helps to automate business flows with inter-company rules.

    Multiple users

    Provide access to as many users as required and assign them different access rights based on roles and requirements from the online accounting software. So, offer simple access to a balance sheet or give access to users who might require accounts payable or accounts receivable reports.

    Assets management

    With ease, you can manage events on all assets, track assets, depreciation boards and create amortization entries.

    Assets management

    Legal and management Statement

    Profit and Loss (P&L)

    A profit and loss report can be generated, offering an insight into the flow of information.

    General ledger

    The general ledger has a search and filter facility while users can zoom into documents instantly.

    VAT/Tax reports

    Receive VAT and tax reports enabling you to carry out accounting in line with the Ministry of finance requirements.

    Aged Receivable/Payable

    A Clear indication of accounts receivable and accounts payable. Keep on top of what you owe and what you should receive with ease.

    Cash flow statement

    A real-time statement detailing cash flow with filters providing a multitude of options.

    Balance Sheet

    Identify current annual earnings automatically via your balance sheet, where you can generate reports without having to open or close fiscal years

    Consolidated Journals

    On a month to month basis, the consolidated journals display activity in a clear and concise manner

    Trial balance

    A trial balance is kept up-to-date, enabling users to prove that the debit balance equals the total of all credit.

    Cash flow statement
    Cash flow statement

    Analytic accounting/Cost centers

    Hierarhies of cost accounts

    Based on projects, contracts, departments and more, users can automatically structure analytical accounts


    Multiple analytical plans can be actively managed using default values and assignations ratios between accounts or projects.

    Analytic distribution

    Using analytics tags and flexible distribution, users can distribute one accounting entry in multiple analytic accounts.

    Analytic report

    Get clear reports on your analytic accounts with hierarchy and subtotals.

    Fully integrated

    Get analytic entries automatically produced based on timesheets, supplier bills, work orders, etc.

    and much more features…

    • Post dated checks
    • Debit & Credit notes
    • Smart reconciliation
    • Bank reconciliation statement
    • Automated recurring invoices
    • Multi level lock dates to prevent accidental changes
    • Multi period comparisons: per year, Quarter, month
    • Accrual and cash basis accounting
    • Basic accounting and advanced accounting
    • Pivot table analysis
    • Lebanese accounting software
    • Triple consolidated currencies
    • Automated end-of-period closing
    • Automated VAT Voucher generation
    • Aging payable, Aging receivable
    • Lebanese chart of accounts
    • Accessible from desktop, mobile or tablet
    • Statement of account
    • Fine-tuned for the Lebanese accounting system
    • Top 10 customers/Top 10 Suppliers reports