Future Factories Summit MENA 2021

The future factories summit MENA 2021 includes advanced man-machine interfaces, high-performance computing and simulation, robotization, as well as zero-defects manufacturing, collaborative manufacturing, network factories and much more. Those inclusions can be implemented with Azkatech, the Odoo Gold partner in Lebanon and Odoo Gold partner in Kuwait.

Azkatech decided to summarize the topic highlights that will be discussed on March 22 & 23 2021, thus summarizing the future factories summit MENA 2021 Agenda into the following:

Main topics that will be discussed in the future factories summit MENA 2021 Agenda:

In this Future Factories Summit MENA 2021 Agenda you’ll find:

  • On-demand production & Digitized supply chains
  • Machine Learning and Data driven Manufacturing
  • Predictive analytics for machinery maintenance
  • Augmented/Virtual reality (AR/VR) applications
  • Using IoT to improve communication within factories
  • Artificial Intelligence and Use of real-time metrics
  • Customer Experience: Personalization and delivering individualized value proposition
  • Networked Manufacturing: Efficiency, lower costs and logistics optimization
  • Managing the smart factory of tomorrow: Digital, Resilient and Lean
  • The augmented worker: Superheroes on the shop floor

Things to do before attending the summit:

  • Check our digital transformation solutions that helps in enhancing the development of the manufacturing industry
  • Review some of our cases in which manufacturing industries Implemented Odoo ERP system with Azkatech and succeeded in their journey to the future

To check event details, check the events website: www.futurefactorysummit.com and for more info about the summit https://www.futurefactorysummit.com/event-details/