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    Custom Software Development


    Innovative software companies in Lebanon


    Azkatech is among the top software development companies in Lebanon that takes pride in delivering innovative and custom software solutions to a vast range of industries. We help businesses in streamlining their processes by providing them with feature-rich and cost-efficient software solutions.


    Business Centered software applications


    Being one of the renowned software development companies in Beirut, we provide business-centered software applications to our clients. Our software applications help our clients touch new heights of success in their business. Our team of professionals is always eager to serve you up to your expectations. With more than 20 years of collective experience, we bring to you a full suite of skills that is required to succeed in the software space

    Software Development


    Software Development Outsourcing

    Software Development Outsourcing


    In addition to providing custom software development services, we also help businesses with software development outstaffing thus, fulfilling the software engineers near me.

    Understanding your business requirements and the type of solutions you need, we allocate the right talents for your business, train them and ensure the know-how is preserved even after the project is delivered.

    As one of the top software companies in Lebanon, we not only ease your process of out-staffing but also help you reducing costs of full time developers


    Our Software Development Process


    Every business is unique in the way it operates and has its own objectives. There is no one size fit all and we understand this fact effectively. Being one of the innovative software companies in Lebanon, we follow a thoughtful strategy for our software development process that guarantees successful outcome for both parties.


    After having an initial consultation with our clients, we analyze their business requirements, create a plan based on phases or iterations, develop the software solution and then provide support for ongoing maintenance. We keep our clients in the loop via frequent releases and pilots in order to have feedback early on in the process.

    Software Process

    Software development team


    Software Development Team

    The process of custom software development goes through a number of phases. Starting with requirement gathering, analysis, software design, implementation, testing and maintenance.


    At Azkatech, we have a team of experienced software developers and business analysts who masters the full lifecycle of software development. The synergy between our software developers and business analysts ensures the delivery of the right business or technical solutions that address our client needs and challenges.

    Why Choose Azkatech


    • We do not need an outline for developing software. Instead, being among the top in software companies list in Lebanon, we study the business ourselves and create software solutions accordingly.
    • Instead of dealing with short-term hit and run projects, we aim at delivering a satisfactory experience to our clients through custom software development as well as at building long-term relationships with them.
    • No matter what is the type and size of your business, Azkatech fulfill the software companies near me concept with the team to develop the best solutions for your business.
    • We assure 24-hour availability to provide IT assistance and technical support to our clients.
    • Last but not least, we are one of the top .tech companies in Lebanon that provides custom software solutions at affordable rates without compromising with the quality and features.