Success Stories

    Bano Puratos

    Bano Trading Successful Implementation of Food Manufacturing ERP

    Founded in 1995, Bano has placed itself on the market of supplying innovative products of raw materials, utensils and machinery for the industries of Chocolate, Bakery, Pastry, Ice cream and Horeca with the vision of supplying only under the name of quality. Having more than 14 branches worldwide, it needed a full ERP system on top of Odoo ERP to streamline the operations of its business. After searching among several software solutions and comparing between them, Odoo was chosen. Adding to that, they needed a system that will drive Bano more towards the road of development and digital transformation. Odoo ERP for manufacturing took Bano Trading one step closer toward their digital transformation goal. Odoo was an optimal choice between functionality, flexibility, licensing model and an affordable total cost of ownership.

    Hallab 1881

    Hallab 1881 leverage Odoo ERP to expand into the International Market

    When it comes to Lebanese sweets, you can only think of Hallab 1881. Currently operating 12 branches in various countries Hallab Sweets commonly known as “Kasr El Helou” “قصر الحلو“ since its establishment in 1881 is a pioneer in the market of Lebanese sweets. Striving for diversification, they needed to remove the software they had with Odoo ERP. Doing more with the same budget, the company’s work was being done in a more productive and efficient way, since the production centers were able now to operate in a larger number and in a more organized way from one single place. Azkatech, the Odoo Gold Partner customized the Odoo Manufacturing system to be specialized in the manufacturing of food, sweets and catering from the first step of recognizing the need until the delivering of the final product. Kasr El Helou قصر الحلو benefited from real time data, less maintenance overhead & faster reporting.

    Lina's & Dina's Diet Center

    Lina's & Dina's Diet Center Solution with Odoo ERP

    All that was old is new again, or so the saying goes. After five years and three attempts to upgrade their existing and limited software, Lina's and Dina's Diet is a Family Business Diet Center that serves diet meals for Kuwait market. They have a big market share in the consumer diet, and they serve more than 60,000 clients with their 4 categories programs. In addition, they were catering for the B2B segment that covers the retail and cafeterias operated in key business areas. They managed to switch to Odoo with the help of Azkatech, the Odoo Gold partner in Kuwait. Offering the customized diet center software solution, Lina's and Dian's are able to manage now all aspects of their business.

    Sakr real estate

    SAKR Real Estate used Odoo to manage their sales pipeline

    Capitalizing on the 6 months window of opportunities, SAKR real estate, with the help of Odoo and the implementation of Azkatech, could sell all their inventory and ended up with tens of thousands of leads and opportunities. Being a game changer when it comes to properties marketing and sales in Lebanon and MENA. In addition to management, marketing and sales consultancy in the regional real estate markets, they manage a team of two hundred employees. However, growing to tens of thousands leads, the online sheet was maxed out, becoming painfully slow and a bottleneck to their teams. They needed to eliminate the traditional lead generating process and immediately contact prospects and market them in a way that yield results. Azkatech was up to the challenge and helped them. The company's decisions today is to optimize information about the entire property portfolio to position for tomorrow’s capacity needs and growth.