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What can a chatbot do for you?

Chatbots are the perfect way for your business to interact with your customers in a simple and cost-effective way. By having a chatbot on hand to help your customers, you may:
Provide Support
Icon-one A chatbot is the perfect way to answer your customers queries and provide valuable timely support. Instead of a customer getting stuck and visiting a competitor’s website, the chatbot can provide help and support that may be the difference between them leaving or purchasing.
Improve Visitor Experience
Icon-one A chatbot is programmed to imitate actual human speech behaviour which offers a personal aid that can answer queries in a timely manner. Customers do not have to wait around for email responses and lengthy call ques anymore. This undoubtedly makes for a more enjoyable experience for all your valued visitors.
Business Efficiency
Icon-one Customer experience is a two-way street and their efficient visitor experience is replicated in your business processes. When customers do not have to wait days for a response, you also have less leg work and your business runs smoother.
Save Money
Icon-one By using a chatbot, you can save on other resources such as customer support and even marketing. A chatbot will take care of many of your customers’ queries meaning you do not have to invest in other customer service strands such as call centers. Your chatbot can even be used as a marketing tool by promoting certain services, products, and discounts.

Who are using chatbots?

The list of businesses using a chatbot on their website is surging with no end in sight. Chatbots are not confined to specific industries but appear in an array of different fields as you can see by these example:

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