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  • Azadea Group is a premier lifestyle retail company that owns and operates more than 50 leading international franchise concepts across the Middle East and Africa.
  • Since its inception in 1978, the Group has grown a substantial chain of stores representing leading international brand names in fashion and accessories, food and beverage, home furnishings, sporting goods, multimedia and beauty & cosmetics
  • With over 12,000 employees, the company boasts a solid infrastructure overseeing more than 650 stores spread across 13 countries
  • Azkatec provides software solutions for resource optimization, process automations and data integration.
  • MuzeIt is a social mobile app around the music.
  • Azkatec is in charge of building and maintaining the services that empower the mobile app.
  • Swizly is an automated website builder that creates a responsive and mobile optimized websites through social media aggregation and machine learning
  • Azkatec is in charge of building, extending the product, and managing the technical side. Our services cover implementation of new features until release and system availability.
  • Azkatec implemented large data algorithms for Swizly that are both effective and keep operation costs to a minimum.
  • CES Realty is a realtor site that aggregates realtor data, valuate properties due to past data using machine learning algorithms. They also provide a platform to buyers who need to share houses.
  • Azkatec is in charge of software development and maintenance.