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    we deal with your toughest problems

    Where there is something conceived as impossible in the software space, this is where you
    will find Azkatec. We are full-stack web & software development professionals with the sole
    focus of delivering for our clients and solving the unsolvable.


    we always deliver for our clients

    With over 20 years collective experience, our professionals have the full suite of skills. Our
    projects rely on the multi-disciplinary skills of top professional software engineers,
    developers, system architects and digital designers. We are a technology partner for
    business; focusing on long-term relationships instead of short-term hit & run projects.


    we have global experience delivering large-scale projects

    Akatec has the technical and leadership experience to deliver large-scale projects.
    Previously, leading international teams of up to 50 engineers based across the US, Lebanon,
    India, China and Argentina. We only deliver high quality solutions and have a track-record
    with international clients in both Europe and the United States.


    we create new software products and offer outsourcing services

    Besides turning your ideas into a reality through software and applications, we have a
    suite of turn-key software products to drive enterprise efficiency and performance. Azkatec
    also provides training, technical support and IT assistance partnerships for enterprises.